Client B operates within the Sports and Human Performance industry, providing physical training as well as human performance metrics to their clients. They contacted us while in the process of developing the application involved in the data capture/analysis required for these metrics. The app, used in their training services, provides clients with insights and reporting on their fitness program to improve operational effectiveness and mission readiness.


GRIFFIN was contacted after the application was already running within a production environment. Jumping into a pre-set release cycle with aggressive go-to-market deadlines set by client contracts, including government organizations, posed a great challenge to the development process. The project also involved proper integration of the various mobile and web devices to be used in collecting performance metrics.


The application we built for the client includes various integrated features:
        1.     Attendance Recording and Tracking
        2.     Assessment Data Entry
        3.     Injury Recording and Tracking
        4.     Nutritional Recording and Tracking
        5.     General Reporting on Session Attendance, Injuries, and Utilization
        6.     Graphical Analytics on Individual or Group Assessments
        7.     Notifications and Referral
        8.     Create and Plan Exercise Programs
The app integrates with InBody, tracking body metrics, and Qlik reporting, displaying custom business intelligence reporting. We also had to enhance their data warehousing methods to better suit the reporting functions.


After two years of development the application has become widely used by collegiate athletic programs, military units, and other fitness-oriented organizations. Our primary development efforts included:       
1.     Implementation of a new nutritional module feature
2.     Enhancement of the assessment entry process        
3.     Enhancement of the injury module   
4.     Enhancement of the data warehousing – allowing for advanced BI reporting      
5.     Implementation of a tool for managing performance indicators and standards
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