We began work with a client in the records information management industry shortly after they were founded. The business was formed as a result of divestures amongst a larger corporate merger. Our challenge was to build out an internal and client-facing web portal solution and execute data migrations per each of their operational facilities. We had concurrent efforts tackling these projects with some overlapping personnel.    


Web Portal
The purpose of the portal was consolidating multiple operational processes into one serve-all application. This included integration of different technologies and creating new service lines specific web applications.
The migration consisted of transferring customer records data from 9 different markets within the US and Canada into new environments. The effort included three different source records management systems (O’Neil RSSQL, DHS Total Recall, Iron Mountain SKP), Salesforce CRM, and PeopleSoft invoicing. 


Web Portal
The web portal was designed as a one stop shop for digital operational processes:
·       Market/Facility Operational Dashboard
·       Digital File Management
·       Records Data Entry
·       Inventory Management
·       Digital Records Delivery
·       Reporting
·       Certificates of Record Destruction
·       Invoicing
Many of these applications integrate with the records data-warehousing software, RSSQL, creating an enhanced UI/UX and automating processes previously performed within the RSSQL interface. The digital file management and records delivery applications created new service lines for clients, creating more time effective solutions of records management than physical delivery of files.
Each migration was executed within a single weekend per operational market, composing of a complete data migration and scanner imaging of files.  Some markets included multiple facility migrations during the same weekend.  On-site support and training was provided at each facility per our personnel.


Web Portal
Within 8 months the web portal solution was released for internal and client use, becoming a central tool for records entry, maintaining inventory, and client records delivery. After 12 months the digital file management app (MyKloud) was released, becoming an important service line for clients – catering to the ongoing demands of the digitized business environment.

Over 24 million records were successfully migrated for 9 different markets into 5 new O’Neil RSSQL databases – 2 in the US and 3 in Canada.
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