A real estate and settlement agency, specializing in the property closing process, approached us about building a web application. They wanted a platform which would digitize the steps involved in the closing process.


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The client envisioned an application to eliminate the cumbersome process of maintaining physical documents and provide a medium for remote transactions. This required development and integration of the necessary technologies for carrying out all steps of the signing process, while engaging all parties via notification system.


We created a web app to process transactional orders, using a custom workflow to carry out the following: 
        1.     Collection of Buyer, Closer, Lender, Seller, and Notary information
        2.     Scheduling of appointments and signing (Google Calendar integration)
        3.     Electronic signature software (Docusign integration)
        4.     Property signing meeting software (Webex integration)
        5.     Customizable framework for further necessary integrations
The app lets customers create a company profile with the necessary user profiles associated for the signing process. It also archives all finished transactions for historical reference. All documents involved in the process are stored with TLS encryption technology, integrated with DocuSign.


After 3 years of work on the project, we built the core application to execute all necessary processes within the property closing workflow. The application includes event logging for all transactions. The quicker processing of these properties increased the output of the hosting closing company involved. Our client is currently looking to market the product to other real estate entities.
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