GriffinAt GRIFFIN Solutions Group, our senior architects and developers are directly engaged with the client to understand their business issues as well as the related technology issues. We have the experience to identify the opportunities for technical solutions to improve your business performance, from reducing costs and operational cycle times (Data Processing) to increasing the visibility of your company on the web and applying the latest big data solutions (Data Collection and Analysis) to improve your ability to understand business trends (Data Reporting). We have been through mergers and acquisitions and divestitures, and helped our clients navigate the uncertainty and technical change management issues (Data Integration and Migration) associated with that degree of corporate upheaval.


After we understand the business and IT issues, we look for fitting alternatives to address them. That includes platform solutions, cloud solutions, and custom developed solutions where appropriate. We propose alternatives that address your needs for better customer interaction, reduced IT costs, improved operational efficiency, or better global corporate management.

Griffin has the senior architects and engineers with the ability to gather and map complex organization and IT structures and see how they correlate. We engage in multi-attribute analysis by geography, business functions, application platforms, and technology, as well as pertinent business metrics, to deliver analysis that highlights the issues and the opportunities for IT solutions and related process changes to improve your business performance.


Griffin senior consultants interact with the client’s IT staff to understand their strategy and direction, or can provide specific strategies where the client needs assistance. Our range of experience encompasses the necessary steps to make sure the solution is practical, achievable, and aligned with the client’s business and IT strategies. Furthermore, we can provide roadmaps for guidance in transition planning from your current solution set to a future solution architecture.

Our expertise includes:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business System Planning
  • Integration Planning
  • Application Roadmaps
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Portfolio Management


Once the project has cleared the portfolio management hurdle and is in delivery mode, GRIFFIN has the experience and commitment to get the job done on time and on budget.

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