Data Processing

Data processing is the complex data-driven decisions a business makes based on the data in their systems. These decisions are what give a company a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These data-driven decisions often have multiple data inputs and business rules specific to the data inputs that must be applied to make the final decision. Inefficient or inaccurate data processes have an immediate negative impact to a business’s bottom line.

Why you should review your data processing

  • Timely and Accurate Order Taking and Processing
  • Correct Invoicing
  • Efficient Payments Including Credit Card Payments

Data Processing Types

  • Product Selection
  • Order Routing Engines
  • Billing Engines
  • Notification Engines with Error Handling

Primary Data Processing Solutions

Data processing solutions are usually customer specific and thus there is not one solution or tool that can be leveraged.  GRIFFIN Solutions Group leverages the customer’s current technology platform with industry standard best practices.

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