Data Collection & Analysis

The first step to valuable data is proper collection and analysis. Our consultants analyze existing customer systems to map business processes, workflow rules and data validation rules to create the optimal data collection solution.

Today a business’s ability to efficiently collect quality data can distinguish them from their competition. Better data allows management to make better decisions.  The first step to improving your data is that it is being collected appropriately. Our consultants have the ability to analyze business processes and their existing systems to identify the optimal data collection solutions.

Why you should review your current data collection methods

  • Improve Margin
  • Reduce Data Inaccuracies
  • Employee Morale – they want tools that allow them to work efficiently
  • Capture Data Entry Metrics
  • Business Rules Around Data Collection
  • Data Validation

Business Data Collection Types

  • Customer Order Entry
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Billing
  • AR/AP

Primary Data Collection Solutions

  • Off-the-Shelf / ERP / CRM / POS Implementations
  • Custom Tools
  • Mobile

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